Come with me as I explore my hobbies from my home in Alaska.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and expanding myself as I learn. What am I learning you ask? Well, writing for one. How can I improve if I don’t write, right? So this is where the writing will happen, or at least try to happen. Bear with me, as I am normally a man of few words and will try to expand that.

Next, I am venturing into the world of firearms and all things related. I have always been enamored with them, but have not had the opportunity to venture into their world for some reason or another. Now I live in Alaska and the door to the firearms world has opened for me. You don’t have to be in Alaska to enjoy firearms, but this is where my firearms journey starts.

So what do I want to learn when it comes to guns? Well, to shoot better for a start, but also to reload my ammunition and to possibly compete in some local competitions in time.

The other new hobbies I want to learn are 3d printing and laser engraving.

I have a 3d printer and an X-tool laser that I have tinkered with, but not done too much with, so time to learn and create.

I will also document my ventures into my beard growth, and getting my weight and fitness into order. To make the weight journey a little more interesting, we have smoking and BBQ recipes.

BBQ is known and braai’ing by South Africans – just some trivia in case you come across another South African and want to impress them with your knowledge.

I like to explore, I want to learn and I enjoy finding new places. What does that look like, it can be as simple as a drive down a road that we have not driven before, or maybe a trail or new experience. We often drive around looking at the beauty of where we live and searching for animals. To us it’s an adventure, to others it might be boring. There is no judgment here.

That’s what to expect here. If you are along for a hopefully not too-boring experience and want to see how I go and offer encouragement along the way. Hopefully, I can learn a ton and maybe even teach you something you didn’t already know.

Stay Tuned.